Ms. Jennifer Eisner turned me on to understanding fashion and seeing shopping as an enjoyable past-time. Whenever Jennifer accompanied me on a shopping spree, she always channeled her keen intuition as to what would look best on me while taking into consideration my personal taste and comfort level. I credit this newfound feminine flair to boys finally addressing me as “Allison” instead of the taunting “Weissman”. I credit all of the compliments I have received at entertainment related events to this newfound chic and effortless style. And I most importantly credit Jennifer with the transformation of my newfound killer self confidence!!

Allison Weissman
Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer is truly an amazing fashion stylist. After having a baby, my body had changed and I could not find ANYTHING that I felt fit appropriately for either work or going out. Jennifer spent a few hours with me and was able to pull together dozens of PERFECT outfits! What Jennifer did made such a difference and put a HUGE smile on my face.

Amy Caryn Russell
Trial Attorney
Jupiter, FL

Being a New York City based hairstylist I have come across my fare share of stylists while working on shoots. Jennifer Eisner, aside from being absolutely gorgeous, has an amazing eye and was extremely easy to work with. Her creative vision, strong work ethic, and approachable demeanor helped to seamlessly execute our client’s vision. She was the icing on the cake, as some would say. I would definitely work with Ms. Eisner again and with out any doubt recommend anyone in the industry to work with this rising star.

Pedro Rios
Hair Stylist at Paul Labrecque
New York City, NY

Jennifer has an eye for classic and modern fashion. She has been instrumental in helping me put together both a professional and a casual wardrobe. The fashion advice Jennifer offers provides a noticeable and edgy, yet subtle approach to style. Jennifer is both professional and personal in her approach, offering a very comfortable and productive shopping experience.

Michael Mashioff
Atlanta, GA

Jennifer has an innate sense of style which is revealed in pretty much anything she does. Armani to Zara. Gucci to Goodwill. No matter the budget, Jennifer’s final product is always the same: fabulous. Personally, having some unavoidable curves, Jennifer has always been sensitive to my own insecurities and makes an effort to find pieces that tastefully flaunt my assets. Having known Jennifer for over 8 years, I trust her with my life, and, by default, my wardrobe.

Megan Ginter
Old Greenwich, CT

I’ve always been into fashion. I have eclectic taste and love everything from runway trends to simple classic pieces. Despite my love for clothing, I have difficulty putting together outfits that show my personal style. Well, I used to have a hard time– but that changed after I began working with Jennifer. Jenn has an uncanny ability to take any item of clothing and create a head-turning outfit. I invited her into my apartment where she laboriously perused and organized my closet. She showed me how to wear some of my favorite items in ways I never could have imagined. Not only that, but by teaching me how to restyle my summer clothes and make them appropriate for fall, she saved me hundreds of dollars in shopping this season!!! After that enlightening experience, I invited her out shopping with me and I have never been so successful in a store. She knew exactly what would look great on my body, and she made me feel beautiful and confident in my own skin. Additionally, I have asked Jenn to dress me for a plethora of occasions– from work events to first dates– and she has never failed to be anything but extraordinary. Since my amazing experience with Jenn, I look at fashion in a whole new light. I always keep her in my mind while I’m shopping on my own, and when I put together an outfit, I constantly wonder: “WWJD”…What would Jennifer do?

I HIGHLY recommend her! She changed my life!

Enjoy the experience,

Jodie Leigh
Clinical Psychologist
Manhattan, NY

I have known Jenn now for over 6 years- we became friends at Emory University. Even in college, when everyone else was wearing pajama pants and flip flops to class, Jenn consistently managed to look pulled together- always with the perfect accessories! Her taste is classic and beautiful. She appreciates exceptionally made items, but is always able to add her own touch to it and make the look all hers and very current, but still timeless.

While Jenn went into finance after college, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before she ended up in fashion because it comes so naturally to her. If I ever had a style question, I would go to Jenn. If I ever questioned whether to buy a pair of shoes, or how to make my outfit, I would go to Jenn because I knew I could trust her implicitly! She could take things in my closet that I would never look at and turn them into my new favorite look. She can look at anyone, with any body type, and come up with the most flattering look for her. Even after I was named assistant to the Fashion Director of W Magazine, I would still go to Jenn for fashion help because she had a more innate sense of style than me or any other girl that worked at W!

The moment I knew that Jenn definitely had the best style and taste of anyone I knew was when I went to visit her right before she was about to leave on a 6 week backpacking trip through Spain. She had gone to Target for her wardrobe, and as she was packing, I couldn’t help but notice that she had taken Target t-shirts and reworked and styled them to make an absolutely adorable wardrobe! There is no one else I know who could create a totally stylish, wearable wardrobe out of a few pieces from Target. Flawless taste, creativity, and an amazing eye for what looks good makes Jenn the perfect shopping partner and stylist.

Sarah Arison
New York City, NY

President of Ariston Arts Foundation

I have personally benefited from Jennifer’s style advice; as she greatly assisted me in updating my wardrobe from what I wore as a lawyer, to better suit my current career in fashion design. Through her advice, I have shaved years off of my appearance. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jennifer as a personal stylist – even for people who work in fashion design – as she has a keen and critical eye for trends and is frequently one step ahead of even the industry-leading style forecasters.

Michael Robertson
Assistant Technical Designer
New York City, NY

Jenn has an impeccable eye for fashion. She makes shopping fun and she puts looks together based on the person and their unique personality. What I love most about shopping with her is that she can create a killer outfit on any budget. She helped me find the perfect outfit for my husband and my engagement photos in Central Park.

Lauren DeWind
Special Events Director, Teen Vogue
New York City, NY

I was always wearing the same outfits.  I had clothes from ten years ago and felt stale and out of date. I tried to get the newest styles and looks but it never worked out.  I could never find anything.  And then I met Jenn.  Before meeting her, I hated shopping.  With Jenn it is so easy!  I am blown away by her innate ability to put together looks I never would have considered.  She has an incredible eye for choosing clothes that flatter an individual’s coloring and body type! Now I have a closet full of new, beautiful clothes, instead of things from years ago.  Now I know what looks good on my body, and I’m even able to put some outfits together myself.  Jenn has endless patience in the fitting room, and actually explains why certain items fit so well and why others don’t!  I have never met a personal shopper who has taken such care with a client, and I can honestly say that I will be shopping with Jenn for years to come.

Joan Elyse
Boca Raton, FL

Jenn styled a shoot for TheLuxurySpot.com in a retail shop with limited options for a model with body type like mine (read: huge boobs). She went out of her way to work in side by side in conjunction with the photographer to make me feel comfortable about how pieces were fitting, and taught me with ease & grace a bountiful amount of tricks and body positions in order for me to get the best outcome for the shoot. I can’t thank her enough for having made the experience one of the best shoots I’ve ever been on. Also of note: I still use her tricks to look svelte in pictures – it has become a lifestyle!

Ashley Brady
Style Editor / TheLuxurySpot.com
New York City, NY

Fashion Stylist

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