A Word On Sample Sales

We, in glorious New York City, know that sample sales can be exhilarating: crowds of people, a slew of sizes, gorgeous items for a fraction of the retail price.  But there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to scoring some sample sale digs.  First thing’s first, DON’T think, “yeah but for the price…”  If you wouldn’t have bought it for the full price, don’t buy it for a sale price.  Many times we get caught up in the excitement of a good deal and end up making purchases that aren’t really necessary (or flattering, or stylish).  DON’T go into a sample sale thinking you’re going to find what you actually need.  Most sample sales are a mish-mosh of sizes, samples, and seasons, and going in with an open mind will help you focus on the main goal: finding fabulous items that fit with your personal style.  DO bring a trusted friend… or better yet, a stylist.

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