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If you’re a serious fashionista (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then you’ve likely faced the dilemma of whether or not to bring the hoity toity bling on vacation (and risk the airport search, hotel safe break in, and countless other possible catastrophes).   Good news Ladies, I met with Rob DeSerio, of Fantasia by DeSerio, and got the skinny on “faux” jewelry: what’s cool, why Fantasia rules, and where to shop for the goods.

Q:  What sets Fantasia apart from other “faux” jewelry?

A:  All pieces are hand set with hand cut stones, not machine set or mass produced.  Everything is completely made in the USA.  There’s a lifetime guarantee to hold luster, and each piece lasts like fine jewelry.  Fantasia has been in business for 40+ years (3 family generations).  The company started in diamond jewelry 89 years ago (in 1925 my Grandfather, Alberto DeSerio worked as one of the top 8 diamond setters in the USA).

Q:  Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

A:  From the red carpet, Vogue, Town & Country, museum exhibits.

Q:  What type of woman do you cater to?

A:  The world traveler, the luxury consumer, the bride/mother of the bride/brides maid, and young couples saving money for the future (not spending big bucks on real diamonds).

Q:  If you could accessorize any woman in the world, who would you choose, what would you pick for her, and why?

A:  That’s easy.  A young Elizabeth Taylor!  No one can make wearing lots of diamond jewelry (all at once look) so day & night appropriate.

Q:  Where can we find your pieces?

A:  We are sold at Neiman Marcus, The Breakers, Marissa’s Collections, Ann’s Fine Gifts, Glyn Weakley Interiors, Kleinfeld Bridal, Mariko, Bijoux Burma, Jennifer Miller, Zitomer, Mary Jane Denzer, and Tabandeh.

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