Sergio Rossi Crystal Coated Sandals

For all the shoe lovers out there, and you must be plentiful if you’re reading this post (ahem, catchy title, ahem), Sergio Rossi makes a mean crystal-encrusted shoe.  Yes, I know that you’ve been salivating over them for a year or two by now, but unless you’re getting married or partying on a yacht, there’s really no practical purpose to by these blinged-out babies (not that practicality has stopped you before).  Anywho, I’m thrilled to report that DSW, one of my favorite discount designer haunts, is stocked with a few cool, crystal styles.  There’s a lovely platform t-strap number in either sand or dark purple.  The price is now $400 from a whopping $1,250.  And if you’re not into a t-strap, check out the grey cutout sandal, my personal favorite.  This stunning style is priced at $500 from a hefty $2,000!  Now that’s a shoe-steal, or a shhhhteal.  Happy shopping!

Jennifer Eve Eisner January 26th, 2014 0 comments Style News

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