How To Shop A Sale

Many, MANY of my clients suffer from sale-itis (noun. chronic inability to discern an appropriate wardrobe addition, caused by excessive price cuts and clouding of the brain).  So how do you know when to buy an item on sale?  Step one: Would you purchase the item if it wasn’t on sale?  If you like something only because it’s a good deal, news flash, you don’t really like it, you just like getting a deal.  Step two: Is the item something the fits with your style, or do you think branching out and taking a fashion risk is a “good idea” since you aren’t breaking the bank?  My advice, go into the experience knowing that you are looking for a piece to spice up your style.  If you’re mindful of your goal, you won’t find yourself in a jam-packed dressing room filled with clothes that’d be perfect on someone else.  Step three: Have a budget.  All too often we get carried away with the idea of a sick deal. “That $700 dress is now $250, those $300 pants are now $140, that $675 blazer is now $250… I wanted to spend $300, but how can I leave all those deals behind?”  Heads up, next month’s sale will feature MANY more items that you MUST have.

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