Guys, Refresh Your Denim!

So it’s official.  No longer are skinny jeans (you know, the kind you have to wiggle into and aggressively pull over your hips) just for women!  More and more men are rocking the slim-straight leg look and I am officially a fan.  Nothing like a perfectly fitting pair of jeans to highlight one’s derriere.  But enough of that!  Onto the important part: how do you wear ’em?  First off, go for a pair that stretches.  When you’re wearing something tight, a little lycra goes a long way.  Secondly, the waist and legs should be pretty fitted.  Anything stretchy will mold to your body (and jeans that sag in the tush is less than ideal).  You want the bottom of the pant to hit at the top of your shoe.  This way you can scrunch ’em , cuff ’em (if you’re feeling bold), or even tuck ’em into high top sneaks.  Another plus is that skinnier jeans can be a little longer… that extra fabric only adds to your sweet street style.  Some of my favorites are the Kane by J Brand, the Matchbox by AG, and the straight-leg style by PRPS.  Happy Shopping!

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