That Perfect Reusable Tote

We’ve all seen those FEED bags at Whole Foods.  You know, they’re the ones that crowd the checkout area and help feed hungry children of the world.  Yes, it’s an amazing cause and proceeds have contributed to over 60 million school meals to children in need of food and vitamins.  But those totes, while great for shlepping groceries, still say FEED on them.  We’ve also seen those neon orange totes from Organic Avenue, popular provider of all things organic juice, raw food, and healthy lifestyle related.  Again, sassy tote for a drugstore run, but what about when you need to go to the yoga studio?  Or you’re spending the night at your boyfriend’s?  That would require a slight upgrade…. Enter Bloomingdale’s “Tote-ally Green” design contest.  Submit your ideal design for a reusable tote, and who knows, your entry could be the next bag produced by Rebecca Minkoff and sold at Bloomies!  New reusable tote?  Yes, please.  Designed by you?  Now that’s a dream that can come true!

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